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YOLO Festival

This project was funded through the West Lancashire Early Support Small Projects Funding to support the priority areas of reducing risk taking behaviour and things to do places to go.

A dedicated group of young people from West Lancashire Youth Council supported by Lancashire Young People's Service were on a mission to change the perceptions of young people in the area by creating their very own festival showcasing young talent and seeking to engage positively with the community.

Working in partnership with Preston based organisation, Bluestreak Arts, the young team organised a large scale, one day festival of arts, music and activities that took place on Saturday 29 September. The YOLO Festival, named after the popular phrase 'you only live once', aimed to promote young people in a positive way as well as raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

What worked well...

The festival was for families and communities and was spearheaded by the young people from its very first ideas. The festival has given great experience to the young team who have developed excellent planning and event management skills as well as blossoming in confidence and maturity.

The Festival, featured a range of entertainment including: open mic stages, karaoke, local and regional bands such as folk duet Black Sheep as well as opportunities for members of the local community to try out different arts based activities, free running workshops led by Spearfish and information stalls from local organisations. The festival took place in Skelmersdale and was situated outside the library and Concourse Shopping Centre. The event really captured the community spirit and enthusiasm and support of the people, as demonstrated by the turnout of around 200 people.


Sandra Abreu, Bluestreak Arts project director, said of the day:

"The young people who set up this event have worked so hard, made it a great day... and I think the people of Skelmersdale have done themselves proud - the whole community was here and had a great time!"

At the end of the event the young people were buzzing off the energy of having successfully run their first public event.

Hannah Robson who led the young people team and is the member of Youth Parliament for West Lancashire and young leader within the West Lancashire Youth Council said:

"Today was amazing, couldn't have gone any better - weather was amazing, the acts were amazing - we never expected so many people to turn up - it's been such a fantastic day. YOLO was all about bringing communities together for a day of fun and entertainment. It was a great opportunity for the young people in the area to show off their skills and to organise something which brings everyone together."

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