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Celebrating Positive Images Event

The West Lancashire Children and Young People's Trust held an event in 2011, hosting children and young people from eight primary and secondary schools across the Borough. Sixty children and young people took part, along with teachers and members of the Trust. The theme of the event was Celebrating Positive Images of Children and Young People.

What worked well...

The event showcased some of the achievements of children and young people in West Lancashire, including dance shows, developing leadership skills initiatives, peer support initiatives and other interesting areas of practice. The children and young people provided the presentations for the day and did a delightful job of engaging the audience in the presentations.

The event had a range of activities, and was held in the new £40m West Lancashire College building. The activities included Hair and Beauty treatments, cupcake making and a quick dance class. The minutes of the day were taken by expert 'graphers' in a visual minutes style.


The event proved to be an excellent example of how district trusts should engage with children and young people and continue to be relevant to their issues and concerns.

Participation by children and young people within the trust model is a strategic aim and the event proved effective in not only celebrating the achievements made by children and young people on a daily basis but also promoting positive images of their contributions to life in the Borough.

The ultimate aim of this strategic aim is to promote the voice of children and young people and their ability to influence the agenda and to emphasize their important role in shaping young people's services and facilities for the future.

The event was also useful in engaging schools within the trust agenda with both secondary and primary schools involved.

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