This website is currently under review and information may not be accurate. We are refreshing the overarching partnership priorities for children and young people in Lancashire and expect these to be published, supported by new governance arrangements, in autumn 2018.

Case Studies - West Lancashire

YOLO Festival

This project was funded through the West Lancashire Early Support Small Projects Funding to support the priority areas of reducing risk taking behaviour and things to do places to go.

1 December 2012

Celebrating Positive Images Event

The West Lancashire Children and Young People's Trust held an event in 2011, hosting children and young people from eight primary and secondary schools across the Borough. Sixty children and young people took part, along with teachers and members of the Trust. The theme of the event was Celebrating Positive Images of Children and Young People.

23 May 2012

Listening Event

Secondary school students help Year 6s to prepare for their new schools.

21 November 2011

One Workforce Network

West Lancashire Children's Trust recognised that voluntary, community and faith sector organisations played a huge role in supporting children and young people. They wanted to support these organisations to both build on the excellent practice that existed and to help to co-ordinate their work and look at how they could work together better.

6 April 2011