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A joint approach between neighbouring Trusts to support children, young people and families, the Child Action Northwest's 'Familywise' service has been commissioned jointly by Chorley and South Ribble Children and Young People's Trusts to provide an Early Support and Intervention Service.

The service will primarily work alongside identified local schools and other agencies to support fifty families (in each district) at the Coping stage on the Lancashire Continuum of Need, through a holistic 'Total Family' approach that engages the family in their home environment.

Each family will receive a twelve week solution focused intervention that recognises the family's strengths and works with the family to make positive outcomes that can be sustained once the intervention has ended. Parents are typically engaged with support provided in the home and children and young people are supported one-to-one in school. The service has been developed to be delivered using the Common Assessment Framework. The Familywise service has a great deal of knowledge and experience in incorporating the CAF as a positive and empowering tool alongside through years of delivery in other local authorities.

Familywise is working with six identified primary schools and two high schools in each district as well as other agencies such as Housing, Police, Home-start and others. The service has also been modelled to ensure it fits in with Lancashire's 'Best Start' delivery, targeting support at 7-19 and the Familywise team has based itself within Children's Centres to compliment Best Start delivery.

What worked well...

  • All 16 local schools (Chorley and South Ribble) have engaged positively with the service.
  • Co-ordinators have had meetings with Head Teachers and referrals have been received.
  • Engagement with other agencies such as Home-Start, LYOT and Places for People (Housing) has been promising whilst networking with key contacts in these agencies has assisted in avoiding duplication of services.
  • Joint working has benefited delivery of both services through information and knowledge sharing, networking, and assisting each other in joint home visits when required.


The service was launched in November 2011 and so outcome data for the initial families engaged by the service will be available mid 2012. However early indications are good and measures will include:

  • % of families reporting an improvement in their quality of family life following intervention (happiness)
  • % of parents reporting an improvement in family's motivation to change for better sustainable living - resilience / strengths/ changes / coping capacity.
  • % reduction in number of anti-social behaviour reports/behaviour by family members.
  • % of families signposted onto other agencies as a result of domestic violence.
  • % of children and young people showing improved punctuality and attendance at school.

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