This website is currently under review and information may not be accurate. We are refreshing the overarching partnership priorities for children and young people in Lancashire and expect these to be published, supported by new governance arrangements, in autumn 2018.

The Money Puddle

The Money Puddle is a youth fund specifically for positive projects for Young People living in the South Ribble District.

It has been developed by South Ribble Youth Council in partnership with South Ribble Children and Young People's Trust as a response to "Shout Out South Ribble", a big consultation finding out the views of young people about, "Things to Do, Places to Go" in their areas and "The Image of Young People". The Money Puddle youth fund was founded to address some of the issues and ideas that young people raised during the consultation process.

The priorities for Money Puddle are:

  • Projects that are clearly led by young people with appropriate support from adults where necessary
  • Projects that build relations between older and younger people
  • Opportunities for young people to volunteer and be good role models for others
  • Projects that work to promote positive press stories about young people
  • Support for youth projects in deprived areas

What worked well...

The Money Puddle has been completely designed by young people who have experience in grant-giving. They have designed the criteria in response to the outcomes of 'Shout Out South Ribble' which they were part of running in February 2010. Young people have ensured that the criteria and application information is accessible and clear for groups and individuals to understand. They have understood the importance of inclusion and flexibility to accommodate different young people's needs.

The relationship that the young people have developed with the Trust has ensured that young people have been enabled to have responsibility and autonomy in designed the Money Puddle but have also had the support and guidance to check out issues and gain final approval.


It is intended to promote the fund widely to partners, schools, voluntary groups and Young People's Service provision. We intend to map and monitor the range of applicants that apply.

We will also request an evaluation from each applicant identifying numbers, ages and genders of applicants. They will also be required to consider qualitative outcomes and the different benefits the funding has enabled young people to achieve.

If you have any questions please contact Clare Smith, Youth Participation Worker in South Ribble Young People's Service.

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