This website is currently under review and information may not be accurate. We are refreshing the overarching partnership priorities for children and young people in Lancashire and expect these to be published, supported by new governance arrangements, in autumn 2018.

Rossendale's Dragons' Den - CYP Active Participation Project

This project aims to encourage active participation with children and young people to address local issues that affect them within the district.

In July Rossendale's District CYP Trust Board reviewed it approach to engaging with young people. The outcome of this is discussion identified the need and desire amongst the Board to further explore its wider approach to children and young people's participation at all ages of the spectrum, directly linked to its agreed Action Plan priorities

Our approach to engagement and participation of Children and Young People:

There are different levels of engagement and participation appropriate for different situations. It was agreed that all stages of the children and young people's spectrum should be involved/considered in engagement and participation as far as is reasonably possible: early years, primary, secondary, college (FE), Lancashire Young People's Service, CYP with special education needs and disability (SEND), and the VCFS.

It was agreed that our active participation approach should focus on one priority area of our Action Plan to start - this year's focus is `alcohol and its implications'

We wanted our approach to encourage children and young people to help to deliver and support this agenda locally in a fun way that builds skills, and also gives us, as partner organisations, a real insight into how they see this issue.

And so, the idea of Rossendale's 'Dragons' Den' was born...or at least re-born.

Rossendale's Dragons' Den Competition

To encourage greater active participation in local issues that affect them, groups of children and young people in Rossendale have been asked to develop and submit ideas for an awareness campaign on the important local issue of alcohol and its implications.  They have also been asked to design a Rossendale CYP Participation logo. Participants will be invited to pitch their idea to the Rossendale's Dragons' Den and the winners will see their campaign/product rolled out across the district, as well as receiving a small reward for their school council, or group.

We will even hear from our youngest early years children, who will be developing 'wise words' on what makes a drink healthy. The panel of 'dragons' will pick the best 'wise words' to be part of an awareness poster that will be rolled out across Rossendale. 

The panel will be a mix of people with experience and skills in marketing, enterprise, and business and we also hope to have involvement from our Children and Young Persons Champion and Youth MP.

There will also be an exhibition showcase and celebration of all campaigns/ideas.

To find out more regarding the project, including information on how to get involved, please visit the Rossendale Borough Council website or download the flyer attached below.  Please note, the deadline for any submissions to the 'Dragons' Den' is Thursday 20 February 2014.


As part of an on-going project the difference made will continue to be evaluated and reflected on as it comes to fruition.  To date, the approach has enthused partners to engage with it, which has enabled us strengthen ourselves as a partnership with a common direction and relevance.

It is hoped that this approach will enable a wider and stronger relationship between the Rossendale CYP Trust and children and young people within the district, focusing on increasing participation and interest in local issues/partnership priorities in a way that develops their skills and experiences.

We are exploring evaluation techniques for the dragons den competition, with perhaps some filming of participant's feedback comments and other interactive evaluation tools.

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