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Action for Children

K has been in trouble with the police on a number of occasions and is getting into trouble at school on a daily basis.

K says he does not like school and is being bullied. K wants to live with dad. His parents are separated and both have new partners. Mum and dad have not really communicated since separating three years ago and. K does not have a lot of friends and will use his behaviour to impress people or be part of the group; he has low confidence and self esteem. Mum struggles to maintain boundaries and consequences.

What worked well...

This family was assessed as being at level 2 on the Continuum of Need for support. Areas of priority were:

  • Improved school attendance
  • Improvements in behaviour and choice / influence of friendships
  • Improved boundaries at homes of both parents.


  • Dad's input as he will only get involved when K is behaving
  • Mum can be soft with K and this just encourages him to do what he wants
  • K's behaviour at home and school can be very chaotic.

Actions taken:

  • Support to mum with implementing boundaries and consequences within the home
  • Supporting mum and dad with communication and supporting each other to manage K's behaviour
  • Support for K with police and court
  • Support with a managed move to school
  • CAMHS support is now in place


  • Mum is better at maintaining boundaries and putting in place consequences.
  • A meeting was arranged between mum, dad, K and support worker to discuss what was going on and for dad to have an understanding of the situation. Dad offered support to mum and spoke to K about improving his behaviour. Dad looking at K staying over at his home.
  • CAMHS is supporting mum and K.
  • Communication between parents and K is improving.
  • Court outcome is positive.

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