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Saltmine Theatre Company

Saltmine Theatre Company is a Christian based Theatre in Education company. They have recently worked with The Grand in Clitheroe and performing their ESCape production on a recent visit to Longridge.

Ribble Valley schools often visit The Grand for shows and events. However, recognising the travel constraints that Longridge schools face in particular, the Saltmine Theatre Company agreed to include Longridge High School in their tour and performed there on Wednesday 22 February. The production took place in the school hall, with 150 Year 7 pupils from Longridge High School in attendance together with 120 Year 6 pupils from four feeder primary schools.

The production...

ESCape is an enchanting fairytale that teaches the principles of e-safety. It offered a fantastic medium to embed the learning from the recent Ribble Valley Primary Schools Forum on eSafety.

In the fairytale, Sarah lives on the edge of a magical forest. Allowed in to the forest on her own for the first time she is taught the rules for how to stay safe. There are wolves in the forest and when Sarah meets a stranger all is not as it seems. Will she remember the rules? Or will she leave the path and go her own way?

The play lasted 50 minutes and was then followed by a 50 minute interactive workshop where the actors developed the themes with the young audience.


All the children were fully engaged with the theatre production, which reinforced the key messages of eSafety. They also really enjoyed the discussions afterwards, asking some excellent questions and responding well to questions asked of them by the actors. They gained valuable insight into eSafety, building on the excellent work already done by the primary schools and the high schools. School staff were very effusive in their praise of the performance. The mix of age groups in the audience also supported forthcoming transition, giving Year 6 pupils the opportunity to meet Year 7 and to familiarise themselves with the school environment whilst participating in entertaining activities.

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