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Baroness Newlove Alcohol Awareness Project

Funded by Baroness Newlove, the Alcohol Awareness Project is an interactive project working with schools, community groups and youth centres using a Harm Reduction approach to cultivate responsible attitudes to alcohol; tackling binge drinking, underage drinking, and the anti-social behaviour it promotes.

The project includes: the alcohol awareness roadshow, peer mentor training, healthy lifestyle sessions, and various workshops.

We have now completed the training of 9 mentors from addiction services who are now delivering alcohol awareness workshops in local schools, community centres, etc. All email and mail shots have been distributed throughout the district.


We have sponsored 120 alcohol & drug awareness resource packs and DVDs for PHSE sessions in 3 local secondary schools. By sponsoring packs from school publishing house Child Guidance UK, we can maintain the legacy element of the project.


This project started at the end of the school year but will continue during the summer holidays.  We are also hoping to continue this project once the summer period some to an end.


This project has already completed:

  • 1 road show
  • 4 research sessions
  • 5 school workshops
  • 86 young people
  • 81 children
  • 120 alcohol & drug awareness resource packs



Following the introduction of the project, 167 children and young people now have a better understanding of alcohol and the impact it can have on lives, families, and communities. We have also conducted 4 research sessions for providing a community resource for young carers who care for parents with alcohol issues. The programme has also played a part in filling the provision gap left by the recent cuts.

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