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Young Verifiers

The aim of Young Verifiers is to embed effective engagement with young people within NHS North Lancashire to promote their participation in the review of health services and settings in the Lancaster District, for example GP Practices and Substance Misuse Services.

Young people used the You're Welcome Quality Standard to identify what services can do to become more young people friendly by improving features such as access, publicity and the skills and attitudes of staff.

Foremost, the activity is for the young people who benefit by having a voice in improving health services relevant to them. Services, with a focus on young people's health priorities, complete a quality criteria self assessment tool and action plan identified improvements to be eligible for the You're Welcome Award.

Six young people in the Lancaster District trained as You're Welcome Young Verifiers to take part in the quality assurance verification process of services which was piloted during 2010-2011.

Voluntary sector ACE (Achieve, Change and Engage), NHS NL, Bailrigg Medical Practice part of King Street Medical Practice, Signposts Morecambe, Young Addaction, Lancaster and Morecambe College, NHS NL Providers of Sexual Health Services are involved.

What worked well...

  • Young people visited health services as Young Verifiers on both planned and mystery visits and provided feedback to services on a score against the You're Welcome criteria such as confidentiality, the environment and choice.
  • Young people produced written reports on their experiences as users of the services.
  • Lancaster and Morecambe FE College Students are involved in the development and delivery of You're Welcome providing significant personal development.
  • Working closely with the young volunteers and learning from their ideas, thoughts, comments and their enthusiasm highlighted the necessary skills and expertise required to facilitate the successful active participation of young people in NHS business.
  • Young people from the Lancaster District trained as Young Verifiers alongside others from across Lancashire, taking a shared approach.
  • Evaluation comments included the benefits of meeting new people from out of District and having a say from the start on the content and delivery of the training event.


  • Three services achieved the You're Welcome Quality Standard in the Lancaster District in 2010.
  • Recorded levels of attendance as volunteers at group meetings and levels of participation are maintained demonstrating young peoples' commitment to the activity, making a positive contribution.
  • More than sixty of the multi disciplinary, multi agency, CYP workforce within the Lancaster District attended EHWB training designed, developed and delivered by the young people.
  • Young people self report increased knowledge of the range of health services, and the confidence and skills to access them as individuals and to signpost their peers.
  • The CYP workforce positively evaluates the You're Welcome Verification Visits by young people and the feedback received to enable ongoing service improvement.
  • Training needs are identified for the CYP workforce.
  • Young people have re-designed the Young Verifier training for newly recruited young people, including more relevant questions to ask services during visits.

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