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Can Full of Nothing

Young People in Hyndburn are actively participating and working closely with partners of the Hyndburn CYP Trust to address key issues within the district.

Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Community Alcohol Network partners have produced an educational resources and social media campaign to be delivered to young people that tackles the perception that risky drinking is the only option for them and that it is not 'boring' to choose not to drink.  The project will raise awareness of coping strategies to support this positive lifestyle choice of drinking very little or not drinking at all.

The resources, 'Can Full of Nothing', have been produced with partners in consultation with young people from Hyndburn Youth Council and Hyndburn Young Person's Neighbourhood Operational Team (YNOT).  Lancashire Trading Standards Community Alcohol and Tobacco Unit coordinated the project.

The resources were officially launched at the 'Can Full of Consequences' to a standing room only conference on 20 November.  Electronic copies of the educational pack can be found at, whilst physical resources (DVD/workbook) will be distributed to all Lancashire schools.  The project features in a scheme of works published by Lancashire County Council Teacher Advisers.

What worked well?

Young people from YNOT's membership board submitted a bid for funding to Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Action Team, East Lancashire Joint Commissioning Group.  The submission was to support he development of a series of alcohol related workshops and sessions designed to engage with young people.  The successful bid was used to finance an away day for young people from YNOT and Hyndburn Youth Council and staff, for a day's workshop.

The young people were given the opportunity to reflect and record some postive feedback about the day's session.

The 'away day' was extremely productive, the young people put forward numerous ideas and suggestions and created five educational session plans.  They also suggested the use of social media using Facebook and Twitter to engage with young people.  'What would you do?' was developed throughout the day and messages and statistics around alcohol were tweeted to check out other young people's responses.

The video diary stories inspired one of young people to write a rap song about the characters, which has since been recorded and used as part of the film.


Outcomes are to be measured following the evaluation of Alcohol Awareness week.  However, Lancashire Trading Standards Community Alcohol and Tobacco Unit would like to highlight the extremely cleaver 'rap song' lyrics written by the young person during the away day.  The theme of the resources has been captured completely and has now been used as the 'title song' for the film used within the resources.

To view and use the 'Can Full of Nothing' resources, visit the following website:


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