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Family Intervention Project (FIP)

Action for Children's Hyndburn Family Intervention Project is a prevention and early intervention service for children and young people aged between 0-19 years and their families.

The project contributes towards the Hyndburn Children and Young People's Trusts priorities; Substance and Alcohol Misuse, Child Sexual Exploitation and Domestic Abuse by providing a service primarily aimed at targeting these issues. Support is also offered to families unable to sustain a tenancy or where there are anti-social behaviour issues. Individuals are worked with for up to six months, according to their needs. The project offers support to the whole family where needs have been identified and referrals to the service are made via the CAF.

Between April and December 2011 the FIP has:

  • Supported 26 families using Total Family action planning
  • Facilitated 4 'Surviving Teenagers' group works for parents
  • Supported 114 children and young people through individual support plans and group work
  • On average 71% of all parents supported by the FIP reported positive changes in their young person's behaviour around use of alcohol and substance misuse

What worked well...

The project is now in its third year and has undergone changes in order to offer better value for money. To do this, the team offers a prevention and early intervention service and tries to intervene as early as possible to avoid issues escalating unnecessarily.

Building relationships with partner agencies has been key to the success of the project. In particular, relations with local schools have seen significant benefits. Schools have been able to access support for their pupils from the service in terms of 'school readiness', attendance and attainment. Working successfully in partnership has given the project the ability to share information and work in a supportive manner with other agencies which is crucial to supporting families with complex needs. The team now have representation at all multi-agency panels where families in need of support may be identified.


All intervention outcomes are monitored by the use of Triangle Consultations Teen Star charts. The progress of individual young people is tracked to capture an accurate picture of the progress under the headings above throughout their period of support.

  • Drugs and alcohol focuses on the young persons use.
  • Well-being focuses on the young person's emotional and physical well-being.
  • Safety and security focuses on risk taking behaviour, violence within the home or community and risk of CSE.
  • Structure focuses on positive activities and boundaries within the home.
  • Citizenship focuses on positive relationships within the community and reduction of ASB.
  • Family and adults focuses on the relationships that the young person has with significant others in their family

Some feedback that has been received about the project:

  • "This is the second family I have been involved with who have benefited and turned their family around - Excellent" Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School
  • "When I look back to last year, I can't believe myself and ___ have come so far. The guidance given to me by ___ has been fantastic, and all the team deserve a medal" Mother of 2 aged 6yrs and 13yrs
  • " have helped more than you will ever know" Mum of 2 young people aged 14 and 15yrs

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