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ESCAYPS (Emergency Services Community and Young Persons Safety) is a six week course based at Lytham Fire Station. The aim of the course is to build relationships between young people and the emergency services in the local area. The course is designed to attract all walks of life ranging from young people with confidence issues to dealing with youths who have criminal convictions. The catchment age is between 13-16 years of age who are selected by the police to ensure a diverse group attend.

The programme has been running for over a year with four courses completed to date.  The aim is to build bridges between the community and the emergency services. Young people have the opportunity to take place in a range of activities from hose running with the Fire Service to Police riot training.

Run in partnership by two local Firefighters and a Police Community Support Officer, the programme looks to provide coaching and develop traits such as teamwork, discipline and respect by encouraging self respect and belief.

What worked well...

Over the past year we have built relationships with outside agencies to ensure that the students have an opportunity to carry on developing themselves once the course has finished.  One in particular is the Scouts, the leaders have supported us from day one by giving up their time to come as a guest speaker to inform the students that there are opportunities out there for them to progress, if they so desire.  As a gesture of good will, we always hold a place for one of the scouts to attend the course, so he/she can act as an ambassador for the Scouting movement.  This always works well as it provokes questions amongst the other students as to what the scouts actually do.  As a result we have had many students join the scouting movement which we believe is a success as the young people are now involved in positive activity.


The ESCAYPS course has made a huge difference to the young people of the local community.  It is extremely important to break the barriers between young people and the emergency services.  It's about ensuring the young people understand that the Police, Fire and Ambulance Service are approachable.  The course builds up a sense of trust, honesty and respect towards each other and other people.

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