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Young Addaction and Lancashire Young People's Service: alcohol awareness

The Young People's Service (YPS) in Fylde worked in partnership with Young Addaction to deliver sessions that promote increased knowledge of the impact that alcohol can have on individuals and groups within society. The concept of harm reduction and alternatives to alcohol use were explored during all delivery sessions at Young People's Service Youth Centres across the Borough.

What worked well...

Participation in the learning events across the district helped to achieve the following:

  • Increased knowledge of alcohol and its various properties;
  • Increased knowledge of alcohol units and the varying strengths of different types of alcoholic drinks and the different calorific values of different types of alcohol;
  • The impact that alcohol can have on the health, social situation, crime and risk taking behaviour of young people and the wider community;
  • Increased knowledge will enable young people to make more informed choices and act as a protective factor enabling them to stay safe and healthy.

It became clear that YPS can work effectively across the district using the same curriculum topic in different units and different times. This improves the effectiveness of planning and allows the team to focus resources. Working in partnership with Young Addaction, a more specialist service, allowed YPS to have a more focused approach to the work.


Across the five nights of alcohol focused work the Youth Clubs had a total of 116 attendees of which 37 individuals achieved a recorded outcome and 12 gained an accredited outcome.

The young people learned about the various risks of alcohol. They learned about safer and unsafe levels of alcohol consumption and the damage that excessive use has on individuals and the wider society. The young people also examined the reasons why some people use alcohol at dangerous levels and looked at alternatives to alcohol use as a leisure activity.

During the Alcohol Harm Reduction Quizzes and Beer Goggles sessions, YPS workers used alcohol quizzes, printed information leaflets and alcohol unit and calorie counters to explain the concept of alcohol units and daily and weekly safer alcohol limits. The participants were encouraged to discuss and explore the reasons why people drink alcohol along and its affect on people's health, relationships, impact on learning and work and increased risk taking.

During the Mock Tail sessions, the young people learned about alcohol risk reduction. The Young Addaction worker played a game with some young people, which linked the risks around reckless sexual encounters whilst under the influence of alcohol with the wider risks of drinking alcohol.

Young Addaction showed a short film about 'Bubble' (methodrone) made by some young people in Morecambe, as a taster of the project work that can follow these events (ie additional sessions and support).

The young people also had the opportunity to sample a variety of 'Mocktails' and talk to Young Addaction and YPS workers about personal alcohol use and concerns.

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