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The Basement Project

The Basement Project in Burnley received a small grant for Summer Holiday activities from the Children and Young People's Trust, to offer opportunities for young people to be able to produce and record their own music, with the use of a sound technician.

This specialised activity comprised of daytime sessions to run during the school holidays for 13-19 yr olds and up to 25 yrs old for those with disabilities. Participants were young people who had a genuine interest in music and a desire to learn more but lacked confidence, self esteem and had little or no opportunity to be able to explore their hidden talent.

Sessions covered: playing instruments; voice coaching; working with others; Consultation was carried out with young people as to the best days and times and they were involved in the planning and evaluation of sessions. The project went on to record those young people who were ready to produce their own music/song. This was a huge confidence boost and helped young people look at future options helping to raise aspirations.

What worked well...

The Funding and the promotion in the "Pointme to a Summer of Fun" magazine enabled us to recruit a number of new young people to use our Urban Youth Café and take part in the Summer Music workshops. These young people are now attending our evening sessions on a regular basis. It also enabled us to offer Saturday recording sessions with a sound technician in our professional 16 track recording studio.


Over the summer period 5 young people took part in the music sessions, boosting their self esteem and confidence and encouraging them to explore their hidden talents.

One young person went onto the audition for Burnley Council's turn on the Christmas Lights event and is really excited as she has been chosen to perform on the night. Another young person relied on playing pretend (Air) drums on her sofa at home and now has access to a professional drum kit which is "unreal" to her. It has increased her confidence and drumming skills and she now attends two evenings a week and would love school to allow her to attend our Alternative Curriculum sessions during the day!

A mum contacted us having seen the advert in the "Pointme to a Summer of Fun" magazine saying her 13 year old son was frustrated as he loved playing instruments and was often bullied because of this interest. He attended all summer and comes to our evening sessions on a regular basis; he's also introduced other like minded young people. We have also worked with a group of 13 year old girls who were very hyper and couldn't sit still or listen for more than 2 minutes at a time. Support over several weeks and positive behaviour management to this group has resulted in them producing their own recording. The recording is really good, one of their parents couldn't believe the standard of the CD and was reduced to tears.

The diversity of this group has encouraged young people to understand each other's needs; older ones have encouraged younger ones and have learnt to show tolerance. Younger ones have been encouraged not only to have a go but have a goal to work towards by working alongside positive role models. Confidence has grown each week and the group has increased in numbers via word of mouth. A couple of older members in this group have now started an entry level in Youth Work training and others are acting as peer mentors.

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