This website is currently under review and information may not be accurate. We are refreshing the overarching partnership priorities for children and young people in Lancashire and expect these to be published, supported by new governance arrangements, in autumn 2018.

Performance Reporting

The Prevention and Early Help Panel will oversee and provide direction, support and challenge for the delivery of the service and is accountable and will provide regular reports to the Local Management Groups (LMGs) in each District.  Reports will be taken via the LMGs to:

  • Lancashire CYP Trust Board
  • Lancashire Safeguarding Children's Board
  • Lancashire Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Lancashire CYP Trust Workforce Reform Board
  • National Troubled Families Unit (TFU)
  • Working Together with Families Governance Group
  • Lancashire Schools' Forum

This is not an exhaustive list.  This section includes those reports which are produced at a district level and inform the wider reporting.

Prevention and Early Help Core Offer Performance Reports

The links below provide quarterly reports regarding the Prevention and Early Help Core Offer.