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Smoke Free Homes

Over a third of children in Lancashire are estimated to live in a house with a smoker.  Long term exposure to second hand smoke is linked to an increased risk of developing heart disease, cancer and stroke in adults and cot death, bronchitis, asthma symptoms, glue ear, meningitis and dental caries in children.

A Smoke Free Homes scheme has been running successfully across East Lancashire over the past ten years, raising awareness about the harms associated with exposure to second-hand smoke in the home and car.  The scheme has been promoted by professionals including Midwives, Health Visitors, Fire Service and Children's Centre teams following the delivery of training sessions and this has seen over 12,000 homes make a pledge to make their home and car smoke free.

Following this success, in November 2013 Public Health Lancashire commissioned the project for a full roll out across the County.  Since then, approximately 280 workers have been trained in supporting families to become 'smoke free' and the awareness of the initiative is ever growing in professionals and frontline workers alike.

The benefits of smoke-free homes:

  • 4000 tobacco chemicals no longer polluting the air;
  • Your children will be healthier, breathing in smoke free air;
  • Risk of health problems reduced (e.g. breathing problems, coughs, wheezing, ear infections, meningitis);
  • Your children's eyes and noses are no longer irritated by tobacco smoke;
  • Children less likely to develop asthma;
  • Smokers find it easier to 'kick the habit'.  Ex-smokers find it easier to stay stopped.  Your children less likely to start smoking themselves;
  • Children less likely to be absent from school and have less behavioural problems and learning difficulties;
  • Family's pets healthier and happier, living longer breathing in clean air;
  • Smoking is one of the main causes of fire in the home;
  • Remember! It is also important to have a smoke free car at all times as exposure to the chemicals in second hand smoke is increased in a confined space even with the window open.


A number of resources are available to support the scheme and encourage families to sign up and pledge to have a Smoke Free Home (SFH), Smoke Free Car, and Smoke Free Pregnancies (SFP).  Once a pledge has been made, these resources, and more, are shared with families to display in their homes and cars.

The following resources are available for download below, alternatively requests to enquire about training sessions for your organisation, contact the Smoke Free Homes team - 01706 871740