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Child Sexual Exploitation: 'The more you see, the more you know'

Raising awareness of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) should be a concern for everyone.  It happens across the country and is not limited to any particular geography, ehnicity, or social background.

Lancashire Constabulary is committed to prevent child sexual abuse, helping vicitms and bringing offenders to justice.  In order to raise awareness and assist in reaching this goal, Lancashire Constabulary have put together a Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Awareness week, which commences Monday 9 September.

Tackling child sexual exploitation is a shared strategic priority for many organisations in Lancashire and one which brings together skills and expertise from all sectors.

A great deal of work takes place throughout the year to tackle this issue but in order to reinforce messages and to demonstrate a joined up approach, agencies county-wide have signed up for a major CSE Awareness Week due to take place between September 9th - 13th 2013.

This week of action will be a combination of operational activity and awareness raising across five main related themes (one per day), as follows:

  • Monday - Internet safety and offending;

  • Tuesday - Missing from home and care;

  • Wednesday - Multi-agency partnerships;

  • Thursday - Groups and ganfs CSE;

  • Friday - Trafficking 

Child sexual exploitation is a form of child abuse ("child" being defined as anyone under 18 years of age). It is complex and can manifest itself in different ways but essentiall, it involves children and young people receiveing something - for example, accommodation, drugs, gifts, or affection - as a result of them performing sexual activities, or having others perform sexual activities on them. It can occur without physical contact when children are groomed to post sexual images of themselves on the internet.

The campaign that has been developed, which has the strapline 'The more you know, the more you see' aims to increase awareness amongst key target audiences of;

  • The signs of CSE;

  • What to do if you have concerns;

  • The scale of the issue in Lancashire;

  • The work of the partner agencies to address it.

The campaign will be launched as part of CSE Awareness Week but the communications materials that have been produced are to be used over the next year and form a key part of the communications strategy in tackling CSE.

Below are some key messages to consider throughout the awareness week and beyond, in order to help tackle Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).  Attached to the right, you will find a number of posters and web banners, along with guidance, that can be used in order to promote the agenda through you own networks/websites - if you have not yet received hard copies of the materials, please contact your local CSE Team.

Key Messages regarding CSE.

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