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Safer Sleep for Baby

Information and resources for professionals

290 babies die unexpectedly, in the UK, before their first birthday every year.

The Safer Sleep for Baby campaign, which has been developed from the Give Me Room to Breathe campaign following research and focus groups, aims to help reduce this number.

The new campaign focuses on six easy steps parents/carers can follow any time they put their baby down to sleep.

See the six steps to safer sleep here.

Here are a few ideas on how you could incorporate our safer sleeping campaign messages into your centre/organisation.

  • Create a display board - Download our A3 or A4 artwork to create a Safer Sleep for Baby display board. You could also create an area that people can post their questions and have a question of the week/month on the board with the answers displayed underneath.
  • Why not have an area to discuss bedtime, you could encourage parents/carers to share their children’s favourite bed time stories and have the books out on display.  
  • Display our posters around the workplace.
  • Hand out our teddy cards, booklet and room thermometers to expectant/new parents.
  • Watch our video (below), which has also been shown on the Life Channel in selected GPs surgeries across Lancashire.

Resources will be distributed directly to health visitors, Children's Centres and through the packs parents receive when they register their baby's birth.