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Red Nose Day...opportunities for youth groups

Comic Relief are looking to get local youth groups involved in this year's Red Nose Day...

Free materials are being made available to give young people the opportunity to good in their neighbourhoods by becoming Red Nose Day social entrepreneurs - a fantastic opportunity for young people to combine learning business skills with raising money and helping others in the local area.  The bespoke pack, created in partnership with UnLtd and Spirit of 2012, is tailored specifically for youth groups to provide everything they need to get involved, and will also encourage young people to get involved with a wider programme that gives young people money to become agents of change in their wider community.

Free fundraising packs can be sent out to youth groups in your area to help them develop their entrepreneurial skills by researching, setting up and running their own Red Nose Day community fundraisers.  If this is a success and they would like to continue running the same/similar projects then the young people involved will be encouraged to apply to UnLtd for small awards of money to enable them to continue and expand their community activity into a social enterprise.

Visit the following website to request the free pack and access fundraising and learning resources:

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