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Training: Single Parents and Tax Credits

Statutory organisations now have the opportunity to commission free training regarding 'single parents and tax credits'. Training is funded by HMRC and delivered by Gingerbread, a single parent charity that works with and support single parents, as well as those practitioners who support them.

This one day course is designed to give participants the understanding of:

  • The basic conditions of entitlements to child and working tax credit;
  • How tax credits are made up;
  • How the means test works;
  • What changes need to be reported and when;
  • How childcare costs are treated;
  • The process for making final decisions on awards at the end of the tax year;
  • Making a challenge to a decision on tax credits.

Gingerbread receives funding from HMRC to deliver training free to voluntary and community sector staff, however this year HMRC have agreed that statutory organisations can commission the course, providing two thirds of the places are filled with staff from the voluntary sector.  The sessions must train a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 20 people.

Organisations who commission the course will need to provide a suitable room, laptop and projector and guarantee the minimum number of participants (the sessions must hold a minimum number of 16 and maximum of 20 participants).

If you are interested in commissioning a course, please visit the Gingerbread website or contact Orla Bardsley on or 020 7428 5435.

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