This website is currently under review and information may not be accurate. We are refreshing the overarching partnership priorities for children and young people in Lancashire and expect these to be published, supported by new governance arrangements, in autumn 2018.

CONSULTATION! Involving children and young people in the new Children and Yound People's Plan...

The development of the new Children and Young People's Plan is well under way and we now need to concentrate on gaining the important views of Lancashire's children, young people and families.

Below and attached is information on how we plan to consult with our children and young people. Please use these approaches in your settings and cascade this information widely across your networks in order to help us reach as many children, young people and families as possible.

Get involved!


We want you to support and enable children and young people to participate in agreeing the priorities and targets that we all want to achieve for children and young people in Lancashire. These will form our joint Children and Young People's Plan.  


All partners of Lancashire Children and Young People's Trust have agreed that we will:


'Work in the best interests of children and young people and their families at all times and make a positive difference to their lives'.


Our desire to hear the voices of children and young people is underpinned by the following values:

  • Children and young people have equal worth to adults
  •  All children and young people are experts in their own lives- they know their everyday life better than anyone
  • Children and young people have the right to be involved in all decision making that affects their lives
  • Children and young people's participation in decision making is key to improving their well being
  • Participation is about making everyday choices as well as seeking to influence wider public decision making and social change
  • Everyone who works with children and young people has a responsibility to encourage and support their active involvement in decision making
  • A commitment to children's rights is key to achieve improved outcomes for children and young people 

We hope that you share most, if not all, of these.


We are keen to hear from children and young people from across Lancashire and have drafted some different methods which you may want to use to facilitate discussions with them. Children and young people have also advised us on these methods, which makes us feel more confident that they will work!


The tools are as follows and can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

  • Under 5's consultation activity
  • Children and young people's consultation activity


Please download them and use them as appropriate. The feedback form is included in the pack - please send these back to us.


We know that these methods may not suit you or the children/young people you work with, so adapt/change or ignore the methods. Ultimately we are keen to find out:


  • What's Lancashire like for children and young people; what do they like, what do they do, what works for them, what does not work etc?
  • What would improve Lancashire for children and young people; how do we ensure children and young people grow up happy, healthy and fulfilled?


As long as you feed your discussions on these topics back to us then we will be able to include them in our consultation.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss this then please get in touch.


The deadline for feedback is Tuesday 31 December 2013.


Come and see us!


We will also be hosting three consultation events where you can enable the children and young people you work with to come and participate.


The events will be taking place as follows:


Friday 1 November, 1.00pm - 4.00pm at Walton le Dale Young People's Centreplease confirm your attendance with us by Monday 21 October


Wednesday 13 November, 5.00pm - 8.00pm at Lancaster Library - please confirm your attendance with us by Friday 1 November.


Thursday 28 November, 5.00pm - 8.00pm at The Zone, Hyndburn - please confirm your attendance with us by Monday 14 November.


An outline of what will take place at the event can be downloaded below.  Please complete the booking form at the bottom of this page to let us know that you and your children and young people are coming.


Thanks for your assistance and contribution!

Attached Documents