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"Stride": A new bereavement service for children and young people

"Stride" is a support service for children, young people, families, carers and school communities affected by bereavement.

Vine House Cancer Help Ltd is pleased to announce it's new Children and Young People's Bereavement Service.

"We have known for a while there is a demand for bereavement services for children and young people as we receive numerous requests for support.  Until recently we were only able to support those where it is a cancer related death.  However we are now able to extend this support to all bereaved children and young people.

Part of the project involves working with local schools as we also see the way forward as training and supporting teaching staff to support their bereaved pupils.

The children and young people can access one to one support from trained counselling staff at Vine House which enables them to be able to talk of their loss and sadness and to cope with the huge impact that grief can have on family life in particular.  Many of the children we see may have experienced the death of a parent and with this there may be secondary losses such as change of home, school and financial hardship.  They may find it hard to concentrate at school and if the remaining parent is struggling with their grief they may feel for a time they have lost both parents.

The only other services in the area are the Linden Centre at Blackpool and Derian House at Chorley.

We work closely with Derian House and St Catherines and have held a Treasure Day for bereaved children with Derian House last year.

The name of the new service is "Stride" and the poster attached provides further details.

We would be grateful if you could display the poster in your departments.


Vine House

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