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Youthforia - 2 December 2012

On 2 December 2012, Members of the Youth Parliament from Lancashire will join MPs, business leaders, head teachers and voluntary sector leaders in Manchester Town Hall to debate about youth unemployment. The debate will be focused on `Employers, Young People, or The Government - Whose responsibility is Tackling Youth Unemployment?'.

The event is being held as part of Youthforia's [1] campaign on job opportunities for young people, which is aiming to collect 10,000 signatures of support on a petition to the Minister for Employment. Hollie Foden, Member of Youth Parliament for Burnley and a member of Youthforia, says: 'We (Youthforia) are hoping that this event will allow us to move forward with our campaign. This campaign was set up in order to change the way young people enter employment, and we are very confident that this will happen with the help of everyone who attends this debate.'

The template questions for the debate will be formulated by the members of Youthforia themselves, making this one of the first debates of its kind - run by young people, for young people and about young people.

[1] Youthforia is the North West's regional youth forum, comprising of MYPs, DMYPs, young mayors, members of youth councils and other organisations.
[2] Youthforia is supported by the North West Regional Youthforia Work Unit and the British Youth Council

For more information about the UK Youth Parliament in Lancashire visit Lancashire Youth Parliament.

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