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Lancashire Specialist CAMHS Specification 2012-2014

A new Specialist CAMHS service specification is being adopted across Lancashire to provide a consistent level of service provision wherever you are in the county. CAMHS is delivered by two service providers; The East Lancashire Hospital Trust for the east of the county and the Lancashire Care Foundation Trust (LCFT) for the rest of the county.

The specification includes a single referral process to specialist CAMHS and Clinical Psychology. This will enable professionals in Lancashire to easily access different levels and types of services and support for children and young people with emotional wellbeing and mental health needs.

This joined-up pathway will enable people to access more specialist (known as Tier 3) CAMHS services. Providers of CAMHS and Clinical Psychology services will make appropriate clinical decisions on what is needed for each case without referrers having to resubmit a referral/request for each service.

Integral to the new service specification is the fact that 20 per cent of the CAMHS Provider capacity is structured to support and develop services for children and young people at a less specialist level.  This offer will take several forms, including training and advice sessions designed to help Lancashire's Children and Young People's workforce with emotional health recognition and intervention at an earlier stage. 

The new way of working will emphasise that the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people in Lancashire is 'Everybody's Business'. This will provide a culturally competent, dynamic, integrated, multi-agency service that is responsive to the needs of Lancashire's children young people and their families.

Clear information and advice is available to professionals and families so that everyone understands the processes and services and can be involved and feel listened to at all stages of the process.  For professionals unsure of when to request specialist involvement the local CAMHS teams are available to give information and advice on whether, or how, to refer a child or young person (see below for details).  This will ensure that there is a clear response to requests for support and advice from Lancashire's children and young people's workforce.

The new specification means that everyone providing a CAMHS service will use the same quality standards and work towards the same outcomes so that we can support as many children as possible to develop good emotional health and well-being.  The new way of working should also reduce the use of inpatient interventions for all but those children and young people who have severe mental health disorders, and illnesses.

Specialist CAMH Services will support positive mental health via promotion, early intervention and prevention in local authority and voluntary and primary care settings, as well as within specialist and targeted CAMH services. Offering intervention at the early stages of the care pathway may prevent the need for the involvement of more specialist services. This will enable all service providers to focus their assessments and intervention more effectively and efficiently and support improved outcomes for children and young people. Age and developmentally appropriate services for 16 and 17 year olds is provided through LCFT in full for the whole county.

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