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Framework for Leadership: Integrated Leadership Conference - 6 December 2010

The Lancashire Leadership Framework developed through the Children's Trust addresses leadership at all levels - strategic, operational, professional and community - and sets out the core characteristics of leaders of children and young people's services in Lancashire. It provides the Trust with a tool to support leadership development, performance management, transfer of skills and competencies, recruitment and joint working.

The framework incorporates a definition of expectations for leadership in Lancashire. It consists of 18 elements covering three dimensions of leadership.

  • Strategic leadership: Setting the direction.
  • Operational / tactical leadership: delivering the service.
  • Personal leadership skills, qualities and attributes.

All partners have endorsed the framework to support the development of existing and future leadership in Lancashire.

A conference to lauch the framework has been arranged for Monday 6 December starting at 9.00am. The keynote speaker will be Jane Heywood, Chief Executive of the Children's Workforce Development Council. Workshops will demonstrate the applications of the Framework.

A flyer for the conference is attached and a link to the booking form is below.

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