This website is currently under review and information may not be accurate. We are refreshing the overarching partnership priorities for children and young people in Lancashire and expect these to be published, supported by new governance arrangements, in autumn 2018.

Early Support and Intervention

Early Support Structure

The Early Support and Intervention Support Structure for West Lancashire is now in place.  This comprises of an Early Support Resource Panel and  Early Support Steering Group (which takes place as part of the WL CYP Trust Board).  The structure offers a formal process for services to follow when raising concerns about gaps in service for children, young people and families and also to escalate issues, or barriers to the effective use of CAF.  The key function of the resource panel is to look at how resources can be used in the most effective way in a particular area to best meet local need by agreeing: Joint working arrangements, Shared resources, Shared equipment, Training for staff. The panel meet monthly on the second Wednesday morning of every month.
There is now also the opportunity to request funding to support a gap in the for up to £2500. For more information on this process please see the supporting documents below:

Support Structure flowchart    -   Gap in service form    -    CAF escalation form    -    Resource panel membership    -    Service gaps overview    -  
Funding advert    -    Funding guidance    -    Funding project proposal 

Early Support Commissioned projects in West Lancashire

The Family Attachment Project

The West Lancashire Family Attachment Project has been commissioned as one of the Early Support contracts through the West Lancashire Children and Young People's Trust. This contract was commissioned through an open competitive commissioning process and awarded to Core Children's Services as the provider.

The headline aim of this project is to support vulnerable children, young people and families, where there are attachment issues, so that they are able to access learning, which supports them to reach their full potential and prosper. 

Support Group Timetable

Please note there has now been a change to the criteria for referrals into this project. CYP in the following year groups can now be referred for support:

Primary Rec; Yr 1, Yr 2, Yr 6                                                  Secondary - Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9

There are two strands to this project:

The Strategic Strand focuses on workforce development and community asset development. The provider has been commissioned to deliver attachment training to staff in the district, to introduce the role of champion in settings and to facilitate support network groups. Please see timetable of support groups below.

The Family Intervention Strand offers direct support for CYP & families where there are underlying issues with attachment. The provider can offer 1:1 work, group work and family support to CYP & families who meet the criteria for this project. The provider has also introduced a telephone help line as part of this support.

Please be aware that where there is a need for family support a CAF will need to be in place for that child and the referrer will need to complete the relevant request for service form and the RAG scoring system. Please note there are two RAG scoring systems; one for Primary referrals and one for secondary referrals. Where it is felt that the child does not need to access the full offer of support and group work /signposting will meet need, the referrer will need to complete the relevant request for service form.

Both strands of the project are now live and delivery will run until the end of March 2013.

The contact for information on future training dates, support group meetings and request for service is Andrea Swindells - Core Children's Services Manager

Email: / Tel: 01925 846190

Scoring system for Primary referrals    -    Scoring system for Secondary referrals    -    The telephone helpline    -    The request for short term intervention    -    The request for family support    -   The role of champion 

Early Support Small Projects Commissions

The small projects commissioning is available again this year with two rounds of funding available in May and October. Providers can apply for funding of up to £5k for projects which support one or more of the district priority areas and the CYP plan priorities. Providers need to demonstrate how they have factored the key principles of Early Support and Intervention into the planning and delivery of the projects. the aim is to support children, young people and families, who are vulnerable to poor outcomes in relation to the chosen priority area.
Round 2 Yr 2 of this funding is now open and the closing date is 5pm on the 28 September. Please see the advert, guidance notes and application form for the further details.

The projects that were commissioned in round 1 of this funding in May 2012 are also provided.

Small Projects Yr 2 round 1 overview    -    Small Projects Funding Advert September 2012     -    Smaller Project Fund guidance September 2012    -    Small Project Fund application form September 2012

West Lancashire Inclusion Project

This is a new contract which has been commissioned in July 2012 to the West Lancashire Consortia. The headline aim of this project is to improve educational outcomes for vulnerable young people and families, where they are underlying issues of self esteem and/or risk taking behaviour, which have resulted in the young person becoming at risk of exclusion.  The project will support three priority areas: Reducing school exclusions, narrowing the gap in educational attainment and reducing risk taking behaviour. The headline aim will be achieved by the delivery of a project which delivers targeted intervention for young people on roll at a Secondary School in West Lancashire, who are vulnerable to poor outcomes and are at risk of exclusion in KS3. The project will address barriers to learning and build resilience with families.

Yr 1 Early Support Commissions

Please see the following information on last year's Early Support Commissions.  This is the same small projects funding opportunity that is available this year. The process for applying for funding and the conditions in which the funding is awarded remain the same. Please be aware that the majority of these projects have completed and it is therefore not possible to refer into them.

Small Projects Round 1    -    Small Projects Round 2  

LDAAT Commissions project

Last year in addition to the Early Support Commissions 4 additional projects were commissioned through the West Lancashire CYP Trust with LDAAT funding.

The Headline aim of this work was to:

  • Provide good quality education and advice so that young people and their parents are provided with credible information to actively resist substance misuse
  • Intervene early with young people and young adults 
  •  Break intergenerational paths to dependency by supporting vulnerable families
  •  Support the reduction in the rate of proven re-offending by young offenders 
  •  Support a Reduction in the under age sale of alcohol

LDAAT Commissioning project overview

For more information about Early Support in West Lancashire, please contact:
Joanne McGrath (Early Support and Intervention Development Officer) on 07817 623 290 or via email on

For more information on Prevention and Early Intervention, please visit the Prevention and Early Intervention Website.