This website is currently under review and information may not be accurate. We are refreshing the overarching partnership priorities for children and young people in Lancashire and expect these to be published, supported by new governance arrangements, in autumn 2018.

Review of Partnerships

For some time agencies have been expressing concern about the efficiency and effectiveness of partnership arrangements. In addition, there is a clear imperative to ensure all agencies reduce duplication of effort and operate cost effectively. As a result, a significant and sustained review and consultation of current partnership structures for children and young people has been ongoing and has involved individual sectors and agencies across many different networks. The review has included current Children and Young People's Trust arrangements and the Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board Locality Groups. 

There has been an overwhelming recognition that current arrangements are not as effective as they need to be and endorsement of the need to streamline and rationalise partnership structures. There is also a general agreement that now is the time to do this.

This dialogue was captured in a paper (appendix 1) that was presented to the Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board and the Lancashire Children and Young People's Trust Board in spring 2014 and agreement was reached to reduce a number of structures from April 2014.

A task and finish group, chaired by Jane Booth (Independent Chair of the LSCB), was commissioned to explore further thinking for bringing together local structures and presented a proposal to establish three new Children's Partnership Boards (CPBs), in place of Locality Safeguarding Children Groups (LSCGs) and District Children and young People's Trust Boards (DCYPTBs). Draft Terms of Reference for the new CPBs and the involvement of the LSCB in these was shared with partners across the County for feedback and comment (appendix 2). These proposals were agreed at the meetings of the Lancashire CYP Trust Board and Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board in July 2014.

The papers below provide information regarding the proposals and recomendations agreed, along with background to the review and a selection of FAQs to assist in understanding the changes to our partnership arrangements.  Also attached are a copy of the consultation questions that were circulated widely across colleagues of the CYP Trust and Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board.

- Establishment of Locality CYP Partnership Boards - paper agreed by Lancashire CYP Trust Board and Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board in July 2014.

Report includes:
 - Consultation feedback
 - Key considerations
 - Recommendations 
 - Next steps

- Appendix 1: inital phase of the partnership review

- Appendix 2: Terms of Reference for the Children's Partnership Boards (including TOR consultation questions)

- Appendix 3: Frequently Asked Questions

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